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Tutoring is usually mistaken for repetitive practice. However, by doing so the student learns a pattern and tries to apply it to all situations. When a different situation is presented during a test or an exam, students tend to panic and are unsure on how to complete the tasks at hand. We at Straight "A"s go deeper than just repetitive practice. We ensure that the student understands the fundamentals behind the problems and make certain that they apply the train of thought to different problem sets.


Private 1 on 1 Tutoring

Whether meeting up at a select location or a having our tutors come over to your resident home, Straight "A"s provide an in depth 1 on 1 tutoring program. We assess the needs of every student individually in order to better determine the best course of teaching option. 1 on 1

Small Group Sessions

Do you and a couple of friends need a revision period for the test in a couple of days? Don't fret! Straight "A"s can organize the session with an array of problems for you to work on together. Groups of 2 to 4 students.

Classroom Teaching

Organized classrooms to accommodate the needs of larger number of students working on the same subject. Group discussions and activities are used in order to demonstrate different methods of solving particular problems. 5+ Students.

Tips and Tricks

Exam periods can be stressful for students. Being past students themselves, our tutors offer many tips and tricks to survive these times without draining yourself. Whether it be pointers to keep the mind fresh or just a friendly discussion about life, we at Straight "A"s have all the tools to keep students cool as a cucumber.

Different Age Groups


Grade School

The most important facet of a student's educational journey is his/her foundation: at Straight "A"s, we place a strong emphasis on building that foundation. Whether it be going over homework or preparing work sheets for students to practice, we will be by your side answering to the student's every needs.

High School

High school can be demanding for adolescents. New concepts are introduced daily and can seem overwhelming. We ease the transition by guiding our students through the different processes of proper learning. We pride in being able to provide the necessary help in all topics present during high school. Whether it is for regular in class exams and tests, the preparation for ministerial exams, or applying to Cegep, Straight "A"s will have you covered.


The transition to a college program can be difficult at times. A liberty is given to the students which they aren't used to. Straight "A"s provide proper planning methods in order to ensure that students are ready to tackle all challenges. From proof reading essays to providing insight on different topics such as calculus, chemistry, physics and biology, Straight "A"s tutors are available at all times.


Balancing work and school can be a tough task for everyone. In order to succeed in your studies, you must be able to identify the key components of a class and comprehend the concepts being transmitted. From advanced science topics to essay writing, our tutors can help ease off the load from busy university students backs.

Grade School

• French
• Mathematics
• Sciences
• Study tips and tricks

High School

• Math and Sciences
• Preparation for ministerial exams


• Calculus 1 and 2
• Linear Algebra
• General Chemistry
• Chemistry of Solutions
• Organic Chemistry
• Physics Mechanics
• Physics Waves
• Physics Electricity and Magnetism
• Biology 1 and 2
• Essay writing and Proof Reading


• Essay writing and proof reading
• All levels of biology
• And much more!

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